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Personal Training at Fitness by Mark
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Although we no longer work together in the same office we highly recommend personal training and corrective exercise by Mark Trimble.

Mark’s services are essential complements to chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Mark offers two types of care designed for specific purposes:

Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise is designed to help you recover from an injury or condition. Mark will perform an assessment of your body’s posture and abilities to uncover problem areas concerning core strength, muscle flexibility, and strength imbalances. He will then design a specific, brief, goal-oriented regimen of exercises to correct your problems.

You will perform these exercises with him for several visits so that he can make certain that you are doing them correctly. He will assess your progress over several weeks and discharge you when you have achieved your goals.

Personal Training

Personal training is designed to fit your specific goals. Whether you want to tone your muscles, improve your balance, or lose weight, personal training gives you the tools to meet your goals safely and efficiently. Mark will perform an assessment of your body’s posture and abilities so that he can instruct you in training basics. Then he will design a training program that is specific to your needs. Mark is happy to provide his services in his studio or in your home or office as you desire.

Corrective exercise and personal training are not covered by insurance. Mark offers a range of packages to fit your budget.

Mark Trimble is certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and earned his Masters in Exercise Science at the University of Iowa.

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